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Reis Moskou - Sint Petersburg september 2016

Hi Svetlana,

yes, we are back from Russia, and we had a really great and unforgettable trip!

Everything was very well organized, and it made it so much easier than if we would have tried to travel on our own, without a tour.
We had 2 great guides, both in Moscow and in St. Petersburg. They were very knowledgeable about sights, history, and culture, and since it was only the two of us on this private tour, we engaged in interesting conversations and learned a lot about Russia.

St.Petersburg is beautiful, and we were very lucky to have 2 out of our 3 days there with perfect sunshine. It was worth extending one extra day there on top of the regular tour program since there is plenty to see!

In Moscow we felt it was absolutely necessary to be with a guide if you want to see much in little time: it is a metropolis, and if you do not speak Russian it is difficult to navigate the city and see as much as we did in those 2.5 days. Maybe the city was also a bit more crowded than usual (it was Moscow birthday weekend with lots of celebrations going on...). But our guide always knew some way of bypassing the queues which was fun :)...

Extra expenses for dinner etc. were relatively cheap, even in Moscow which is said to be an expensive city. Maybe we were just lucky, but I think the unfortunate economic crisis in the country is convenient for tourists from Western Europe - hence a perfect time to go and visit Russia!

Thank you once more for all your help organizing this fantastic trip!
We really appreciated to have you as a contact person during our preparations!

Best regards,

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